• Sarah Halimi

Test Stress

We have all had that stressful exam, presentation, or paper. This is the worst stress because it feels like it takes complete control over you. Some normal symptoms are having trouble sleeping, stomach aches, eating poorly, difficulty concentrating, and much more. So what should you do? If this is the night before I would recommend taking a long warm bath or shower and while in there take time to relax and let go. If you're still feeling anxious I would then sit down and turn on a meditation course and focus on your breath. Once in bed, I would take ten deep breaths just to let your body sink in the mattress and allow your body to relax.

If this is the day before, before entering the class I would close your eyes for a moment take a few deep breaths focusing on the breath and when you feel more relaxed open your eyes and confidently walk in.

If during the activity you are stressed out I would take a moment to notice how your feeling accept it. And take a step back whether it's taking a few deep breaths or feeling the pencil in your hand. Just loosening up any place that is holding tension.

If you follow these helpful tips I assure you will feel and perform better.


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