• Sarah Halimi

The Truth About Meditation

As I outlined in my other posts meditation seems like the best thing in the world and one would think there is no reason to not meditate. The only thing is if meditation was so easy we would all be doing it. Sitting down and breathing is much harder than one would think. If you are a beginner meditator you will get bored and may think it is a waste of your time. You will think that your time could be used more wisely. But don't give up to soon. If you enforce a daily routine and you put your mind to it the benefits will come. Meditation is hard because getting out of your head requires work but you have to do it all without thinking. If you want to give meditation a chance you need to take your time and don't get frustrated to quickly. A big part of meditation is not judging yourself and accepting everything as it come and goes. When you start meditating and you feel like you can't do it and all you want to do is give up remember to stop judging yourself. Many people will tell me that meditation isn't for them and that's not true you just didn't give it a chance. Don't discourage yourself from meditating give it the chance it deserves and once you do that you will start seeing the change.

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