• Sarah Halimi

Why You Should Start Meditating Today!

To many meditation has a spiritual and religious aspect. this preconceived notion about meditation may have stopped you from starting to meditate. Someone once told me "I'm not buddhist why should I start meditating." One of my goals on my meditation journey is to show people that meditation is not a religious practice and there are so many more uses for it. Firstly, in the busy world we live in people are constantly stressed and overworked. Meditation allows you to take a step back and a breath of fresh air when we need it the most. Meditation helps you deal with your anxiety and stress. Not only does it help reduce this stress but it also helps you understand where its coming from. By reducing your stress you will be able to disconnect yourself from these external distractions which will connect you back to yourself. Our brains are on 24/7 all year around always thinking about what's next meditation reduces this voice in our heads and strengthens our other senses and sensations in our body. As a teenager living in the 21st century i tend to find my mind wandering all the time meditation has helped me refocus my attention to the subtler things.

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