Be Present

    On this page, you will find some daily tricks to stay in the present moment. These tricks help refocus yourself during a busy day. You will also find some videos in different locations reminding you to stay in the present moment. The importance of these hacks lies within taking a moment in your day to notice your surroundings. Noticing these little things will help enhance your meditative experience. Practicing these tricks will help you during your meditation practice. 

If you find yourself at the beach and you need to restore watch this video!

If you find yourself at the beach and you need to restore watch this video!

If you find yourself in a long car and you want so tips to relax watch this video!

Sometimes you need to just run and yell to let it all out! if so watch this video.

If you are feeling stressed out watch this video to make you smile!

Notice the sound, lights, and movements. Watch this video to enhance your meditative experience!

​When holding your phone noticing your hand on the phone and your phone on your hand. 

Being able to walk in a room and taking a moment to properly arrive in your mind. 

When opening a door noticing the change in temperature in your hand as you touch the doorknob. 

When washing your hands noticing the water gush as well as the feeling of the soap.

When on your computer taking a moment to feel the keys on the keyboard. noticing the crevices.​

Taking an ice cube in your hand and feeling temperature and watching it disintegrate. 

​When stretching take notice in the movements in your back. Take notice in the sensations 

Opening a bottle of water and taking into account the sensations of the bottle cap and movements in your wrists. 

It can also be as simple as taking a deep breath and closing your eyes before you move on with your day.

Take a moment to feel your pen or pencil in your hand. noticing how the pen feels in your hand and your hand on the pen. 

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